Saturday, November 26, 2011

My First QR Coded Cause Marketing Campaign

Hold On! It's not a fashion or beauty brand cause marketing campaign! But it is my first cause marketing campaign that incoporates a QR Code.

Earlier this Fall, I was contacted by the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, Inc. They were approached by Hodges Management Company who own our regional KFCs, KFC/TacoBells and DQ Grill & Chills and wanted to do something to support homelessness this Holiday in our community. To have a corporate partner reach out to help a cause is awesome. So, I stepped up to create a campaign that I am hopefull will be a success for the cause. The campaign title is:

Dishing Out Meals Campaign: Fighting to End Homelessness and Hunger in Our Community

Above is the in-store pin-up that customers can donate $1 at check-out to the cause. These are typically taped to walls or windows in the store. In addition, I incorporated a register flyer that is posted to the back of all registers for customers to read while waiting in line. On this flyer is a QR Code that can be scanned with a customer's smart phone and directs them to the Homeless Authority's website where they can learn more and make a direct donation. Here is the register flyer to the left.

We also created a value card (3x5) with the same information as the register flyer and QR Code. The value card gets put in all drive-thru bags and placed on all in-store customer trays. Since regular pin-ups are not condusive to drive-thru's, we wanted to still create customer awareness about the cause and give them the opportunity to donate using the QR code.

I am in deep gratitude to Chris Italiano of Chris Italiano Creative for his superior graphic art talent and dedication to the campaign.

About the Campaign:
Local KFCs, KFC/Taco Bells and DQ Grill & Chills have launched their “Dishing Out Meals: Fighting Homelessness and Hunger in Our Community” campaign this holiday season. Twenty-one KFCs and KFC/TacoBells, and three DQ Grill & Chills, owned by Hodges Management Company, partnered with the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, Inc., a local nonprofit, to raise funds and awareness to help end homelessness and hunger in Savannah and surrounding communities. The campaign launched today and runs through December 31, 2011.

To help generate awareness, Savannah’s KFCs, KFC/Taco Bells and DQ Grill & Chills have taken an unprecedented step in changing the way cause marketing campaigns are done. They will not only promote the campaign with its in-store pin-ups which customers can donate $1 to the cause at check out, but the campaign incorporates a QR Code on value sheets that get tucked in all drive-thru bags and in-store store customer trays. The QR Code, when scanned with customer smart phones, takes them directly to the Homeless Authority website for more information or to make a donation. QR Codes are new to how fundraising is done. The Homeless Authority is a nonprofit organization that coordinates Savannah’s response to homelessness. Homelessness does not discriminate. Families with children, teenagers, single adults, victims of domestic violence, veterans and elderly individuals of all races and walks of life can be found struggling with the devastating effects of homeless.

Hodges Management Company is committed to this cause and to keeping fund-raising local. They have gone the extra mile as a corporate partner. All General Managers spent a Saturday learning and volunteering for the cause. This effort encourage managers to ensure their staff are motivated and dedicated to making a difference in the community and to give hope to individuals and families in need.

About KFCs, KFC/Taco Bells and DQ Grill & Chills Hodges Management Company began in 1965 when Inman and Mary Sue Hodges opened their first KFC restaurant in Statesboro, GA. Over the years, other restaurants have been added to the company in Southeast GA and South Carolina to include 21 KFCs and KFC/Taco Bells, as well as 3 Dairy Queen Grill & Chills. Today, the company is still owned and operated by the Hodges along with their son, Inman Hodges, Jr.

About Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, Inc. The Authority is a nonprofit organization that coordinates direct services for homeless families and individuals through a “continuum of care” of community services ranging from street outreach and emergency shelters to employment training and permanent housing. For more information visit

Monday, October 10, 2011

Get Fit for a Good Cause

Love this! But the time on this campaign is ticking away and it ends tomorrow.

Look what CharityBuzz and personal trainer and pilates instructor, Angella Hamilton are doing to get you fit and give back. It's what I call 'fitnessphilanthropy'.

Angella Hamilton, a Certified Exercise Specialist through the American Council on Exercise and holds specific certifications in Cancer Rehabilitation, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, & Pilates for Golf Rehabilitation, is donating her Find Your Inner Tough Girl Through a Series of Personalized Online Exercise Sessions Designed Just for You fitness package for a good cause.

Here is the fitness package to get you in shape and have your bid support her charity. Angella will work with you in 12 1-hour online sessions, to increase your fitness, reduce stress and make you the inner tough girl you know you are and your bid supports her nonprofit. The sessions can be done through Skype or video chat Here is what is so can get her training online! You don't have to be in a specific city to meet up with her or go to any gym. This couldn't be any easier and the beauty of this is it opens up bids for anyone living anywhere.

Angella's non profit is Inner Tough Girls Life After Cancer, where she inspires women in their journey after a cancer diagnosis through nutrition, exercise and stress management. The proceeds for this fitness package benefit Stone Soup.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lose for Good Gets Better

LosaPalooza! It's that time of the year! Weight Watchers is launching their Lose for Good Campaign. It is one of the most recognizable cause marketing campaigns and I've written about each year. It is now in it's fourth year and Jennifer Hudson, looking fabulous in the campaign spokesperson.

The campaign promotes awareness to fight hunger in America by increasing awareness and providing access to nutritious food for those in need. The campaign runs for six weeks. Now through October 23rd, Weight Watchers will donate up to $1 million to No Kid Hungry and Action Against Hunger.

Weight Watchers has created a social media campaign as a part of building awareness. You can go to their Facebook page to catch videos during the campaign.

Go to Weight Watchers Lose for Good and the battle against hunger.

Photo Source: WeightWatchers

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacation: What August is All About

Each year, I traditionally take the month of August to vacation and have some fun. Many of you know that Summer is my favorite season. It' so in tees, shorts, and flip-flops, sleeping in, no day planned, soaking up the beach, and relaxing evenings.

I also try to take time away from fashion philanthropy and cause marketing projects, blogging and social media. This respite energizes me to 'get back to school' come September. New ideas and feeling refreshed. However, I have to admit, this summer has brought new contacts with new opportunities and I have logged a few more days at the computer than I have on the water.

I do hope you had time to spend with family and friends having some fun, vacationing, and enjoying all that Summer has to offer.

Will be back early September.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spin Into Fitness and Support a Cause

Care2Spin? No, really! I first came across Care2Spin through Twitter about one month ago. After learning about the purpose of Care2Spin and seeing it combines fitness (of all levels) with philanthropy, I just had to share.

John Eagle Honda of Houston, Texas has announced the first annual Care2SpinTM and is one company a mission to make a difference and support Easter Seals of Greater Houston. And they are inviting anyone who wants to spin or hula hoop a chance to become involved in the Care2Spin™ fundraising events.

The Care2Spin™ Bike Spinning Marathon will be held on September 17, 2011. "This unique event, in partnership with L.A. Fitness , encourages Houston residents to engage in a spinning marathon on a stationary bike to raise money for those affected by a disability." But, you don't just have to have a stationary bike to participate and raise funds. Care2Spin invites all kinds of spinners to join in the fun. You can spin a glass of vino, spin clothes in a washing machine, spin on roller skates, or any activity you can think of that involves spinning. It is all to raise money for Easter Seals of Greater Houston to help improve lives.

To learn more about the Bike Spinning Marathon that will take place at John Eagle Honda on September 17 from 8am-12pm, or to donate, sponsor, or create you own challenge, visit Care2Spin website.

John Eagle Honda auto dealership that gets 2 thumbs up. They have gone above and beyond the standard sponsorship for events we are most familiar and created a unique, fun, challenging and community-wide event where anyone can spin a little something-something and support a cause. More important it promotes fitness philanthropy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nine West and Modelinia Team Up for Steps for a Cause

The 2nd Annual Steps for a Cause. Cool and creative idea as a way to give back! Click the link to learn how Nine West, Modelina and CFDA are making a difference. This is a great example how to leverage your networks and partnerships for the 'greater good.'

Photo Source: Modelina and Nine West.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yoga Bag Gives Back

Do you do yoga? If so, you just may love this bag and for good reasons.

Designed for the yoga buff on the go, this compact, lightweight yoga mat bag includes a compartment for your keys, smart phone, iPod or just about any other personal item. Every bag comes with a different Vietnamese print lettering, giving you a one-of-a-kind item. Best of all the bag is made with recycled rice bag material in Cambodia and supports NomiNetwork.

Buy Her Bag Not her BodyTM is created by Nomi Network, "a non-profit organization working to eradicate sexual slavery and the trafficking of women. Nomi created a partnership between the fashion industry and cause-driven, well-designed merchandise made by at-risk women and survivors of sexual exploitation, providing them with fair, sustainable employment opportunities. Supported by people like you, their bags don't just look good, they do good." (Source: Nomi Network)

So now you can do good for the environment, humanity and your body with our new yoga bag!

100% of the profit is reinvest into training and career development programs for women. To purchase your yoga bag and see others by Nomi Network, click here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Same Sky: Creating Self Sustaining Lives for Women

SAME SKY is a fair-trade company whose mission is to empower women worldwide and inspire a movement of women empowering women. Founded in 2008, the company seeks to be a part of the global movement lifting women out of poverty by giving them the tools to become entrepreneurs and lead self sustaining lives.

SAME SKY’s inaugural project is in Rwanda and employs HIV+ women in Africa who survived the 1994 Genocide. All bracelets are handmade by these women artisans.

In a recent interview with Candy Washington of Fashion Edits, Same Sky's Founder, Francine LeFrak, "spent 8years making a film on the Rwandan genocide that never proceeded to fruition. However, Francine still wanted to shed light on the genocide and especially lend her support to women survivors. A friend introduced her to the idea of fair trade and suggested she come up with jewelry products for women to create as a way of making a means. The glass bead bracelet, a design inspired by a renowned artist and HIV/AIDS activist Mary Fisher, became Same Sky's signature product and symbol of women empowering women. The rest is history."

The bracelets are adorned by many celebrities including: Goldie Hawn, Halle Berry, and Sela Ward to name a few.

All net proceeds from sales are reinvested into the company to buy more materials, employ more women artisans, and expand to other regions of the world.

Photo Source: Same Sky

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nicole Miller Collaborates with IndegoAfrica

Fashion designer, Nicole Miller, has launched her latest collection "IndegoAfrica." The vibrant colors, patterns and hand-crafted feel are what makes the collection unique. But what really makes this line special is Nicole has partnered with Indego Africa.

Indego Africa is an innovative social enterprise that partners with women artisans in Rwanda on a fair trade basis to drive forward a sustainable, long-term solution to systemic poverty in Africa. The organization and it's programs emphasize entrepreneurship and independence, by empowering African women to lift their families out of poverty through fair trade partnerships, international export market access, and long-term skills (source: Indego Africa).

Nicole Miller will donate 15% of proceeds to the organization.

Shop Nicole Miller's IndegoAfrica collection here:

Photo Source: Nicole Miller

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Launches Ethical Fashion Africa Collection

Vivienne Westwood fashion design career spans over 30 years and she has remained true to her own eclectic sense of style. Now she combines that style with eco-friendly fashion and philanthropy.

Vivienne is using her philanthropy power to forever change the lives of women in Africa. She released a limited-edition collection accessories named "Ethical Fashion Africa." She has teamed up with YOOXYGEN to launch The Ethical Fashion Africa Project that has been backed by the International Trade Center, a joint effort of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Vivienne traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to teach a women how to design handbags from locally-sourced, recycled materials to produce fashionable bags and accessories. This skill gives women the opportunity to earn a living and become self-sufficient. You can see Vivienne's trip to Kenya here.

The limited-edition collection of accessories are 100% handmade in Nairobi from recycled materials. The collection retails for $49-$339. View her handbags, laptop covers and other items on YOOX.