Friday, July 24, 2009


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Betty Crocker Making Wishes Come True

So very cool! Today I received an email from a person who came across my blog. (this is good, I have at least 1 reader :)). She read my post on April 20th about Betty Crocker's Stirring Up Wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation and sent the email today to share with the Winning Results from that campaign. It was a "huge success" she said and here are the results:

"· Received more than 146,000 votes
· Provided funding to 12 chapters to grant wishes for wish kids as part of Crocker’s Stirring Up Wishes program.

The winning chapters are:
1. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Orange County & Inland Empire
2. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Greater Bay Area
3. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Mid-South
4. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Michigan
5. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Utah
6. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Wisconsin
7. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Iowa
8. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Suffolk County, NY, Inc.
9. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of New Hampshire
10. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Tri-Counties
11. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Middle Tennessee
12. Make-A-Wish Foundation® of East Tennessee"
(sent by Megan Bleem, Cone Inc.)

Once all wishes are granted, I will share them here. So check back often.

I thought this was a brilliant campaign and a brilliant alignment between Betty Crocker and Make-A-Wish Foundation for many reasons:

1. Kids love cupcakes,
2. Mom's make Betty Crocker recipes, and often make cupcakes with their kids,
3. There was an authentic expression of the message which supports both Betty Crocker and Make A Wish. Plus the title, "Stirring Up Wishes" is simple, clean and says it all,
4. The opportunity to share this campaign with millions of caring moms, be creative, have fun, and share inspiring wishes.

Here is an extra little something-something about this campaign, a business owner can find it inspiring enough to make a difference in their own way. Making a difference, giving back, cause marketing... doesn't have to be boring or all about check writing. I am of the thought it should be engaging, fun, while boosting your brand. As a matter of fact, stop back later as I share with you my 5 success strategies for building a business giving or cause marketing program from my book.