Friday, March 8, 2013

Wine Enthusiasts Can Benefit Charity

One thing I decided to do in 2013 was attend wine education classes. Fortunately, there were wine 101, 102 and 103 classes being taught in my area. I signed up and enjoyed learning how wines are made, the types of wines, wine terminology, how to pair wines with food, and more. This post comes by way of CharityBuzz
Caldwell Vineyards, Napa Valley, is auctioning 56 Cases (672 bottles) of Society of Smugglers Syrah Rose' 2010.
[Image: CharityBuzz]

"Vintage Summary (which I can now understand): The 2010 vintage was marked by late spring rains. The growing season was quite cool. Late heat spikes towards the end of red verasion further added an unexpected twist to the already challenging harvest. A roller coaster of alternating heat and rain spells marked the ripening period. Berry sizes were normal with good flavor and strong skins. Winemaker's A bouquet of red fruits dominate the raspberry.Tasting Notes: focused nose. An explosion of strawberries and raspberries highlight this full, juicy refreshing mouth. Notes of cinnamon and citrus are weaved throughout the experience" (charitybuzz).

Proceeds Benefit: Orangewood Children's Foundation
Estimated Value:$20,160

This is every wine lovers dream and to have the opportunity to have your purchase of wine benefit charity is even better. Cheers!

Visit the auction here.