Friday, June 25, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Introduces Long-Term Campaign to Support Elimination of Extreme Poverty


NEW YORK, June 23 — /PRNewswire/ -- The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, today formally launched a five-year campaign through the Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation to support Millennium Promise, the leading international non-profit organization solely committed to supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to halve extreme poverty by 2015. In his role as a MDG Global Leader, Mr. Tommy Hilfiger will engage and encourage corporate leaders and consumers to join him in the movement to end extreme poverty. Read more:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get Fit with Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson and Make a Difference for the Gulf

Tracy Anderson, celebrity fitness trainer to the stars is ready to get you fit while supporting the disaster in the Gulf. Tracy list of Hollywood bodies she's been known to sculpt include Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Davis, Shakira, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anderson and Kate Hudson.

Now, it's your turn. Tracy is helping a noble cause, the Disaster in the Gulf Relief Fund via Charity Buzz, to help in the aftermath of the oil spill. The personal training session with Tracy include, "1 consultation and 3 sessions of training with Tracy personally plus a set of DVD's signed by Tracy Anderson & Gwyneth Paltrow. This would take place in New York at the Tracy Anderson Method Tribecca Studio. Sessions are 90 minutes long."

Auction ends July 7, 2010. Click the link to CharityBuzz to place your bid.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Donna Distefano Designs Makes A Difference

Like Donna Distefano says, "Wear something beautiful while doing something good." I second that. If you are going to look good, you might was well make a statement and make it count. Donna Distefano is no new comer to giving back through her jewelry design. Dedicated to four charities, you can see her passion for design is inextricably linked for her passion for making a difference. And I would delight in upleveling her giving to uplevel her brand.

I see possibilities all around for designers to connect their brand with a cause and put forth stellar giving programs that really make an impact for both the designer brand and charities. It is absolutely my most delicious client projects. And anything that brings joy to the world has to be good. Let's just say we are creating GOOD by doing GOOD.

Here is a bit about Ms. Distefano and how she is supporting causes through her design collections:

"Donna Distefano Ltd was founded in 1994 in New York City. Donna's original designs are hand-wrought in her Chelsea Atelier and are highly sought after by the top names in entertainment, music, and sports. Distefano creates opulent treasures by perfectly blending her classical design sensibilities with extraordinary sophistication. She combines beautiful recycled Harmony® metals with fair trade gems and conflict free diamonds to create an unforgettable, inherently glamorous story told by the hands of a true goldsmith."I create jewelry that is a bridge from the past to the present to the future. I enjoy knowing there is usually symbolic meaning to its owner, that it may stire motions, and perhaps live on for many generations. Terra Incantata is ourenchanted earth, a place that provides us with precious metals and rare gemstones of intoxicating beauty. It is essential that while enjoying the gifts of nature in my craft, I must also do so while being environmentally and socially responsible.” (Source: OneKidOneWorld)

Lancome Paris Turns 75!

Lancome Paris Turns 75! As it states on the Lancôme website “Armand Petitjean, perfumer and cosmetician, devoted his life to his dream of giving women the most beautiful things possible. For them, he created Lancôme. He selected the rose, surrounded himself with the best researchers and began an exemplary adventure onto the realm of passion.” What a positively romantic start to what was to become an internationally successful cosmetics company! This company was purchased and is owned by L’Oreal since 1964.

The name “Lancôme” was inspired by the ruins of a castle called Le Château de Lancosme. The use of the rose was inspired by the wild roses in the area of the castle, symbolized by the company’s single golden rose.


The start of the brand began with five fragrances launched in 1935. Armand Petitjean had a great teacher, he was a student of François Coty, the “father of luxury perfumes.” The bottles were nearly all created by a great artist, Georges Delhomme, now collectors’ items.


Immediately successful, the Lancôme skincare line NUTRIX was made in 1936 with its nourishing and regenerative formula nearly the same today. in 1955, the line Océane launched, a line, an ultra-pure enriched with algae seaweed and trace elements. The success of these innovations owes much to the word of mouth from the “techniciennes”, women who graduated from the Lancôme school and took the brand’s message globally.


Lancome makeup is created with a sensual love for women. They produce delicious lipsticks, like the ‘Rose de France’, the first pink-red lipstick, made scented with the Bulgarian rose. The powders are scented, the lipstick cases are jeweled and the makeup cases, ornate works of art.


Armand Petitjean, the Lancôme founder, himself had a passion for roses. He grew them in his rose garden just outside of Paris, in Ville d’Avray. So, it’s no surprise that he used the rose as the symbol for his cosmetics company. it states on the Lancôme website, “A real Lancôme rose actually exists! Created by Delbard in 1973, it is a gorgeous, pale fuchsia rose with a very long, cylinder-shaped bud. Its petals – between 35 and 40 – are thick and shiny. The Lancôme rose is a very robust rose that, according to Delbard, takes after its parents. Its father – a rosebush nicknamed “the Oak Tree” for its extreme sturdiness – produced magenta red roses. Its mother produced roses that were nearly mauve in colour. This is how the rare and vibrant rose known as the Lancôme rose, came to be. To get your own Lancôme rose, write to: Delbard – 16, Quai de la Mégisserie – 75038 PARIS CEDEX 01 Telephone : +33 (0)”
Reprinted with permission: Angela Tunner


The Lauder Family is very philanthropic. Among their philanthropic foundations are:
The Lauder Foundation
The Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation
Breast Cancer Research Fund

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe that Saves Kids Lives

I l-o-v-e espadrilles. They are the ultimate summer shoe for any any woman or young girl. Simple, easy and colorful. And if you purchase a pair like this before July 18th, you also support a child in Iraq. I ask you to swap out a pair of crocs or sandals for this and you can feel good about wearing it. Imagine the story you can share when someone says, "What a cute pair of shoes!"

This hand-made pair of shoes is a local solution to one of Iraq's most frustrating problems. Your purchase will send a little girl to lifesaving heart surgery and reward local shoe makers by putting food on their table and paying for their kids to go to school. This is our first feminine shoe and we're looking to reward faithful fans & early adopters with insider opportunities & priority prices.

Pre-orders end at 11:59 p.m., Friday, July 18th. Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary J. Blige Collaborates for Charity Fashion Line

If you are not yet a follower of @FFAWN, it is a must! Just what is FFAWN? It is the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. founded by Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute.
I admire MJB, not just for her music and sense of style (or that she has family ties to Savannah), but because she she knows just how to use her good fortune for the greater good.

Just yesterday, this newsworthy story was released and of course it captured my attention because it had to do with FFAWN, fashion and charity. It is like three good things rolled into one and I had to share. Below is the press release from (06-14-2010).

"Mary J. Blige will join forces with her fashion designer friend Catherine Malandrino on June 15 for a charity fashion show at New York City's Museum of Modern Art. The duo will unveil their charity t-shirt line along with a collection of stylish tops, dresses and leather jackets. If you're looking to attend a ticket will run you $1,000, but it's all for a good cause. Blige and Malandrino are hoping to raise enough funds to send 30 graduates from the Bronx-based Women's Academy of Excellence to college, a group of women who are part of Blige's FFAWN (Foundation for the Achievement of Women Now) support program. For those who can't attend, the show's presenter Elle magazine will have it available for viewing on June 16 via their website, It will also be highlighted in the magazine's July music issue.Last year, Mary J. Blige and Catherine Maldarino teamed up for custom-line of hand-painted t-shirts to benefit FFAWN. The line, designed by Maldarino, was created to reflect Blige's musical influences. It sold out at Bloomingdale's and included a t-shirt that sold for $300 and a studded leather jacket for $3,000."

Mary J. Blige Collaborates for Charity Fashion Line

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Designers Who Give Back

It is quite a time for retail and even the runway, but there's one thing that never goes out of style: giving back. This year, fashion designers have really up-ed giving and all with style.

Marie Claire magazine highlights 15 designers who don't just make our world look more beautiful, they make it better. Here they are:

Ralph Lauren: The Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention

Donnatella Versace: Versace One Foundation

Kenneth Cole: amfAR

Patrick Robinson: P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement, Career Enhancement)

Michael Kors: Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Oscar de La Renta: New Yorkers for Children

Angela Missoni: Orphan Aid Africa

James Ferragamo: GlobalGiving

Frida Giannini: UNICEF


Christopher Bailey: The Burberry Foundation

Donna Karan: The Urban Zen Foundation


Nicola Bulgari: Save the Children

Giorgio Armani: Project (RED)

See the short video here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How One Woman is Using World Cup to Help South African Children

Alethea Gold, a children's fashion stylist, has been traveling South Africa in the weeks approaching the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Ms. Gold is documenting the country's children and their love of soccer. The sport has become a positive force in the children's lives, keeping them off the street and away from negative influences.

The book Gold is producing will raise money for MaAfrika Tikkun, a nonprofit supported by Nelson Mandela, that aids South Africa's vulnerable children and orphans.

Watch the amazing video about this story here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oscar de La Renta Auctions Couture for Charity

Oscar de La Renta has been one of my favorite fashion designers of all time and he is donating an incredible fashion experience to benefit The Black Alumni of Pratt.

As one of the world’s leading fashion designers, Oscar de La Renta has been the winner of nearly every fashion award imaginable, and revered for his lifetime achievement. His fashion is adorned by celebrities, socialites and world leaders.

Oscar de la Renta is auctioning two front row ticket to his Spring 2011 Fashion Show to benefit The Black Alumni of Pratt. And he’ll meet the winner back stage and give them one of the dresses from the 2011 spring collection.

To bid on this fabulous expereince click this link to Charity Buzz.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make an Impact without Breaking the Bank

There is a little something I need to fess up to, I will be communicating more this month to you and here is why…as a professional fundraiser for over fifteen years and chairing many charity walks and special events that have raised a loooot of money, it seems that today more than just a few years ago, it is increasingly more difficult for nonprofits to raise money. The fact is donorship is down, it’s not tanked, but it is down. This has forced organizations to tighten up and cut where they can. I've seen staffed laid off, programs cut and a reorganization or charities.

On the for-profit side, I see and hear the budget crunch small businesses are facing and that said there is just not a lot of wiggle-room to make donations. But here is the beauty out of all this chaos, small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs like you, can actually make sizable contributions and you don’t have to break the bank. Really!

If you are a small business or solo-entrepreneur committed to supporting a cause, helping out a charity or making a difference your own community, I really don’t want you to miss my upcoming complimentary call (and this is what I will be letting you know more about over the next couple of weeks):

"Discovering Your Signature Way to Support a Cause that Creates Marketing, Meaning and Mega Impact!" The call is set for Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 1:00pm EST.
Read more and reserve your spot here

On this teleseminar you will learn:

• The myths that keep your cause commitment in stuckville

• What makes ‘what you stand for’ special and why you must express it for your business, your customers and the world

• Why your commitment to a cause is the only place to powerfully market and build your brand

• The key ingredient to stand out in a big way and celebrate your Cause Signature success and more....

So, if you want to take a stand for something in this world and make a difference, I hope you can join me on the call. You can get the call details here.