Wednesday, May 27, 2009

11 Year Old Walks from ATL-DC for Homeless Kids

You may know this year my book, Small Businesses Give Big: Why charitable giving is a great business strategy! was released. I made the commitment to donate 20 percent of each book to the Little Red Wagon Foundation, Inc. This is a perfect alignment and here is why. My book is about small businesses and entrepreneurs across America who give back in a big way in their community. Some have just 5 employees, the largest one has about 70. Yet their passion and commitment to making a difference is big. The Little Red Wagon Foundation was started and is still just one 11 year old boy who has taken on the commitment to help end homelessness for youth under the age of 18. His name is Zach Bonner. The alignment between his charity and my book was perfect because 'small can do great things.'

Here is the amazing thing, Zach set out on May 11th from Atlanta and is walking to Washington, DC to raise awareness for homeless kids. This is a 663 mile trek. He is currently in Spartanburg, SC. You can follow his walk in real-time at and post messages to him on his Message Board. If you have a family member or friend in Raleigh, Richmond or any city you see him in on any given day, please let them know to go out and cheer him on. Zach's mom and sister are traveling with him in her red VW Beetle and they did get an RV donated for the trip.

You can see some of the photos posted here:

And you can follow his Tweets on Twitter. Today, I am asking that you reach out, send a hug, a note, tell a friend, co-worker and others about Zach Bonner. He has given up his summer vacation to reach his mission. So far his journey is amazing.

I am so honored to be a part of and support his journey.

PS: If you live in Greenville, SC, please be sure to give a shout out to Sheila McCullough the owner of Fleet Feet. I contacted her to see if she could donate a pair of good shoes to Zach as his feet were hurting him 'real bad'. Thanks Sheila!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pour a Cold One for a Cause

This summer, take the heat off of a local charity that has been hit by the economic times, and make a difference by pouring a few "on the rocks" for some friends. Yup! Who said giving back couldn't be fun?

You can host a fabulous cocktail party for a cause. It is easy to do, every one is bound to have a good time, and a charity is supported. This is a win-win-win and it gets every one's "spirits up." Here are a few tips to get your 'good' party going:

  1. Decide to do host a cocktail party for a cause a few times over the summer months. Perhaps you and a few friends can rotate being host.
  2. Create a theme around the party using cocktail names. Let your creativity soar.
  3. As the host, you purchase the beverages, fancy umbrellas, stirrers, painted glasses, etc...
  4. Attendees drop a contribution (minimum) in to a container, sun-hat, beach-bucket, etc...
  5. Guests can even donate a gift certificate to the cause for any upcoming event they may be organizing.
  6. Take photos! Use the photos on your blog, business ezine, etc... and also give copies of the photos to attendees and the charity as it is a great way for them to get the word out about how you and your friends are supporting them. This just may inspire some else to do the same.
  7. Create incentives for friends to come to the party, it adds a little extra something to the atmosphere.
Next time you're thinking of a cocktail of choice, marry it up with a charity of choice. It's just a different "twist" on giving back.